Jack Cuvo

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Dont know what this former member of the Olympic wrestling team [alternate]

is up to now...b ut in the 90's he had a yard/hauling/moving type business

and was...shall we say..less that 'trustworthy, reliable, ethical.'

if you need more info it can be bought for 5 to 50$ online at 'no more liars' type sites....lots online

Everytime you see Jack Cuvo mentioned in the newspaper it's followed by a variation of the phrase "a former wrestling demigod." Sure he won two NCAA Championships and had a gold medal in some *** thing called the Pan American Games, but he did almost bankrupt an entire city.

According to the Internet, of all *** things, he totally was one of the best wrestlers in the nation during his prime in the late 1980s, early 1990s. Here's a video of him playing the "humping dance" at the 1989 NCAA Championships.

So, he was great. So what? I get it.

I'm not saying the dude deserved to get hit, but couldn't he have settled with like $1 million instead of $2.5 million after the cops stopped him one day and beat the ever living *** out of him?

Then he proceeds to act like a douche by threatening to kill himself and then gets charged with this latest ***: saying he broke into his wife's house so he could see his dog


Wrestling great Jack Cuvo found safe after relative finds suicide

...Jul 2, 2009 ... Police today located wrestling great Jack Cuvo, hours after family members searched for him after finding a note in his township home ...


gawd what a liar/thief/creep

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